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Chimera Entertainment is an independent development studio for digital entertainment software. With more than 25 released games to date, we’re constantly working on innovative new content, capable of adapting quickly to the ever-changing environment the games industry offers. Our headquarter is based in Munich, Germany, where most of our team is located. We offer hybrid and remote work and employ around 80 talented game enthusiasts in countries across Europe.

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Experience the perils of the Age of 1000 Kings in Songs of Silence, a beautiful 4X strategy game designed and developed by Chimera Entertainment. Featuring multiple faction play styles, explosive mass battles, and a complex story-driven campaign, Songs of Silence is a truly unique experience.
platform: PC

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Shadow and Bone: Destinies will give you the option to play as everyone from Alina to Jesper! You’ll be able to travel through the vast world of Shadow and Bone while making choices that influence your journey.

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Angry Birds Epic offers an awesome storyline, turn-based combat, a gripping campaign with a challenging end game, a rich system of crafting weapons, armour and potions with resources the players can collect or purchase, and much more.
platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

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Based on the look & feel of the popular Angry Birds movie, Angry Birds Evolution lets players choose their favorites from over 100 birds, build and develop their personal teams and evolve the birds into their ultimate form. 
platform: iOS, Android

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our values

Chimera Entertainment opened it’s gates more than 15 years ago.  We strive to stay true to our values, while learning, growing and adapting to face the challenges of the modern-day working world.


We’re in the gaming industry because we are gamers by heart, love what we do, and always strive to deliver the best experience to our audience. We put our hearts into every new game with true passion, commitment, and enthusiasm!


Our future depends on flexibility. Responding to the market’s fast-changing needs is the only road to success. We are not restricted to certain genres or platforms – we are capable to adapt to an ever-changing environment in game design as well as technology.


It takes a great team to make a great game. We foster juniors and bring in industry veterans to create a work environment where we learn, improve and share knowledge daily. We energize, respect, support, and encourage – we believe in people!


Our goal is to get better with every game we make. In terms of quality, finding and keeping the staff that makes our games stand out, developing multiple games simultaneously, and constantly shaping our infrastructure to improve our daily work.

chimera games

Creating Innovative gameplay and beautiful worlds is at the heart of our studio. We work with 3rd party IP as well as our own, from conception to completion. We offer hybrid and remote opportunities and constantly expand our knowledge and skill. We care for our people as we care about our games, and our goal is to make our company a place where you’ll want to stay. Do you enjoy working with enthusiastic professionals and identify with our values?

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